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Struggling taxi drivers may get refund of monthly fees

The transport authority in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang province, may drop the monthly fees imposed on taxi drivers to help them cope with the competition they face from taxi-hailing...

China orders safety hazard cleanup after Tianjin blasts

Chinese authorities ordered correction of any irregularities or safety hazards found during the nationwide safety check launched soon after the huge explosions in Tianjin. Source: Asia News Link: China...

Chinese 'Spartans' have better luck than foreigner 'Spartans'

In today’s trending news, Chinese men flex their muscles in Spartan outfits, the Forrest Gump of Chongqinq runs 20 marathons on one leg, a new glass elevator lifts you...

Horse-riding/helicopter tour

Source: China News Link: Horse-riding/helicopter tour

Laowai Not: Home and healing 

Source: China News Link: Laowai Not: Home and healing 

Chinese phones? In America?

Source: China News Link: Chinese phones? In America?

Gong maker

Source: China News Link: Gong maker

Human head transplants not distant, scientist says

Advanced technology raises a host of ethical issues, including the future identities of patients Source: Asia News Link: Human head transplants not distant, scientist says

Parents forced to buy drugs on black market

An inexpensive drug crucial in curing infant spasms is not provided by most hospitals in China, but is sold on the black market at prices hundreds of times what...

Farmers' paintings presented online for celebrating 60th anniv. of Xinjiang

All the cadres and masses of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang are greatly delighted in celebrating the 60th anniversary of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region with full passions. Source: Asia...